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Red Beans and Rice

I decided that I need to make regular posts on my blog. I don't always have the most interesting things to say about music or many other things but I decided I would start sharing things that I enjoy.  Today i'm sharing my red beans and rice recipe. Red Beans

Soak red beans overnight.  (I prefer the Camellia brand of red beans, it's probably a regional brand, not sure.)
Drain and rinse the beans.
Trinity (celery, bell pepper, onion and Trinity almost always includes garlic even though that makes it four ingredients instead of three. but oh well, its good.)
2 or 3 stalks of celery chopped
1 medium bell pepper diced
1 medium onioin diced
about 3 cloves of garlic
{sometimes I add a ham hock or sausage. If you are in the south get Conecuh hickory smoked sausage. It's the absolute best. Add the ham hock or sausage at the beginning when you add everything else.}
Herbs und spices:
1 tsp coriander
1 tsp thyme
2 or 3 bay leaves
salt and pepper to taste
I also use a cajun seasoning called Tony Chachere's (pronounced sash-er-ees). It's the best. a teaspoon at least.
If you dont have a cajun seasoning substitute a little red pepper to add heat.
once the beans are rinsed i throw them in the pot. everything can go in at the begining.
put in enough water to cover the beans by about an inch.
add all of your herbs and spices.
bring it to a boil
then turn it down to a low heat and let it simmer for a about an hour or half or so
be sure to stir it regularly so it doesnt stick and burn
cajun red beans should start to loose their shape and it should have an almost creamy consistency when they are done.
add fresh chopped parsley at the end of cooking.
serve over rice.

and you gotta have cornbread to go with red beans and rice.