Everette Minchew (b. 1977) is a freelance composer living in southern Alabama. He received a bachelor’s degree in music history from the University of Southern Mississippi and studied saxophone with internationally-recognized performer Lawrence Gwozdz. As a saxophonist, Minchew toured the United States and Canada with the Sax-Chamber Orchestra, performing at the World Saxophone Congress in Montreal.  He participated in masterclasses with Harry White, The Rascher Saxophone Quartet, and Jean-Marie Londeix.  As a composer, he is self-taught but has participated in masterclasses with Judith Lang Zaimont and Ken Ueno.

Minchew’s compositions have been performed throughout the United States, Europe, Japan, and Australia. Commissioning organizations include the Mana Quartet, Bryan Hooten, Mana Duo, Gregory Oakes, Duo Fujin, Wendy Richman, Carson Cooman, Buck McDaniel, and the Mars Hill University Saxophone Quartet. He has been guest composer at the Integrales New Music Festival in Hattiesburg, MS and the Mars Hill University New Music Festival in Mars Hill, NC.


Not so boring bio:

Everette has worked many odd jobs including making Milk Duds for Hershey, inspecting fire extinguishers, delivering pizzas, managing a pizza restaurant, FEMA Hurricane Katrina relief, making wires for the propulsion systems and wings of Boeing planes, and selling fireworks, but was a composer the entire time.

He enjoys short walks on long beaches since he burns easily and dislikes the outdoors. He also enjoys good friends and good food, but hates it when he cooks a great meal and too many people are over and they aren’t any left overs for breakfast. He despises mayonnaise, Ben Stiller movies, and Nesquik. He loves the Trinity (onions, celery, and bell peppers), Zyrtec, the Oxford comma, and is stingy when it comes to chocolate.

Most days he loves nothing more than sitting indoors and occasionally glancing out a window on a pleasant day from the comfort of his air-conditioned abode.

He’d prefer to be a hermit, but his wife says no.


 Short bio:

Everette Minchew writes music and is allergic to cats.


Even shorter bio:

Everette writes music.


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Artist statement:

Listen to my music.