10916307_10153522290363835_4993792346268274994_o Earlier this month, at the urging of a couple friends I started a fundraising campaign in hopes of flying to NYC for a weekend to attend a performance of my third saxophone quartet, Constructions for Julie Mehretu. I feel extremely fortunate to have such wonderful friends because I reached my goal in under twelve hours.

I was really eager to go on this trip for multiple reasons:

1. I'd never been to NYC.

2. I wanted to hear another performance of my piece by Mana Quartet.

3. The artist, Julie Mehretu, whose work and painting process inspired the piece would be in attendance.

The performance was January 17th at Spectrum. The quartet sounded fantastic. It was the best performance of Constructions so far.

At the top of this post is a pic of me with Julie Mehretu. She was wonderful and extremely nice. I was giddy to meet her and tried hard to not become a total fanboy.

I will post more about the performance and my trip later.

Go hear the performance here